7 New Pasta Classics: No Primavera, No Ziti
These new ingredients and techniques turn old standbys into modern favorites (no disrespect to Grandma's spaghetti and meatballs).
Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Caper Pesto Sauce
The Basil-Less Pesto
The old way: The beloved original, say the people of Genoa, Italy, who invented it, can only be made with their local small-leaved basil and a marble mortar. But even if you don't subscribe to such strict rules, chances are that you're using basil, garlic, cheese and olive oil.
The new way: A salty, intensely savory spin on the familiar mixture includes salt-packed capers, anchovies and parsley, plus the usual garlic, cheese and oil. Whole wheat pasta is the perfect pairing to stand up to such a complex, interesting topping.

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