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To savor Govind's sumptuous sandwich, Gayle travels 2,000 miles to meet him at Table 8. Little does she know that the sandwich she's been desperate to try was actually created out of, well, desperation. During Table 8's first week in business, Govind was stressed, sleep-deprived and starving. "We had pulled short ribs on one of the other dishes," he says. "We always have good bread at the restaurant, so just put it all together, put it on the grill, and I really knew I was onto something at that point."

Govind walks Gayle through all the steps on how to make his famous grilled cheese and short rib sandwich, but Gayle's only interested in eating. "I'm a good looker and a good eater," she says. "But this is good for people that really can cook to know."

Make Govind's sandwich at home.

Finally, Gayle takes her first bite. "This is fantastic," she says. "It makes me want to do the I'm-so-happy-the-food-is-so-good dance."

She's not the only one who feels that way about the Table 8 standard! "I've been threatened by a number of guests, if I ever take it off the menu I'm going to run into a lot of trouble," Govind says.
FROM: Face Behind the Name
Published on January 15, 2008


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