The Ultimate Guide to Packing Lunches
New ways to eat leftovers, inspiration from a Rubik's Cube and more ideas for delicious brown-bag cuisine that'll please everyone.
Maple dressing
Give Oil and Vinegar a Break
We often look to the dynamic duo of olive oil and vinegar (or olive oil and lemon juice) to transform greens, roasted vegetables or any protein, really, into a delicious lunch. But then we learned of this new combo from cookbook author Isa Chandra Moskowitz. She simply mixes mustard and maple syrup for a just-sweet-enough, incredibly versatile dressing. Give it a quick zap in the microwave before pouring on your lunch to help smooth out the texture and bring the flavors together.

Get the recipe: Warm Maple-Mustard Dressingfysrtvtybfrxrttx