Store-Bought Shortcuts: What's Worth It, What's Not
Find out which ingredients will help your meals, from prepeeled garlic to instant mashed potatoes.
Worth it. Making this chips-and-salsa accompaniment from scratch is easy, but smooth, creamy, good-for-you avocados can be pricey (as much as $2.50 each). Plus, it's often hard to find perfectly ripe ones at the store, so if tonight is Mexican night, it's probably too late to make your own. That's why Liz Weiss, co-author of No Whine with Dinner and co-creator of, loves buying pre-made pouches of the dip. Wholly Guacamole sells two 7-ounce packages for $5.49, which, depending on the current price of avocados, can be a steal. The company uses high-pressure processing to extend the product's shelf-life—and it also just started selling 100-calorie individual packs.