I try to avoid sweetened beverages with my kids—any kind of sweetened beverage—whenever possible. They are not good for their teeth, they add empty calories and the vitamins can be better found and absorbed through other foods. In almost any circumstance, water is a better alternative. I send a thermos full of ice-cold water for my kids' school lunch. Now I understand juice is a reality in most kids' lives and you might think your own child won't go for plain water. But you might be surprised. In fact, my child's school tried a juice-free experiment, and I watched with my own eyes a classroom full of little toddlers went from being juice drinkers every day at snack time, to water drinkers. Without a complaint! All the parents in our classroom were shocked at how easy it was. Try it for yourself! In the meantime, try to moderate juice intake. I give you ways below to keep it around, but not in abundance.


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