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Bread That Will Only Come Out of the Pan If You Call a Tow Truck
You could have sworn you greased every centimeter of the pan, and still the bread or pound cake will not release. Beisser says this is a common problem, especially with banana bread, since the fruit tends to caramelize and stick. You probably know to give the bread a good 15 minutes before you attempt to get it out. If it's still not budging, though, set the bottom of the pan in very hot water for a few minutes; that might loosen it up. Last resort: Acknowledge that you're going to lose an inch along one side of the bread. Lahey's tactic is to cut off one edge and then wedge a silicone spatula in the empty space so you can get under what's left of the loaf and lift up (you may even be able to use two spatulas, one in each hand). And anyone poking around the kitchen for a late-night snack will happily munch on those cast-off pieces.


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