Meal Rescue Squad: New Ways to Spice Up Your Everyday Dinner
Move beyond parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme by adding these interesting flavors to the foods you love.
Smoked Spanish Paprika
We all know bacon makes many dishes taste better, but an alternate, meat-free way to add that deep, woodsy flavor is to use smoked Spanish paprika, also known as pimenton. It's different from the generic paprika most of us have in our spice racks (which is so mild that it's best for adding color to finished dishes, like deviled eggs), and it's less intense than Hungarian paprika, which can be quite pungent. Spanish paprika has a rich flavor that, yes, complements chorizo and other meats (Boston chef Richard Garcia uses it in White Bean and Chorizo Stew), but it also goes well with roasted potatoes, scrambled eggs, hummus, veggie chili and even guacamole.

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