Two women at a home bar
Photo: © Jupiterimages Corporation 2009
When you're throwing a cocktail party, it's essential to prepare your home bar. Here's advice on how to make sure your bar is well stocked and ready to serve:
  • Shop for your cocktail party the day before.
  • Incorporate herbs from your home garden into your cocktails to make them signature.
  • Follow your taste buds to the produce section of your local grocery store or farmers' market, and experiment with new fruits and veggies in your favorite classic cocktails.
  • Find out the history of the cocktail you are offering and share it with your friends. All bartenders are storytellers.
  • Make cocktails in batches. To serve a crowd, break the drink recipe into cups for a pitcher. A pitcher typically serves 20 drinks that are 4 ounces each. Multiply your ounces by two and turn into cups. Always make sure to taste as you batch for quality control. For example:

    To make a margarita:
    1 1/2 ounce tequila
    1 ounce triple sec
    2 ounces fresh sour mix

    To make a batch of margaritas:
    3 cups tequila
    1 cup triple sec
    4 cups fresh sour mix
  • Buy enough beer and wine. While special cocktails can be a hit, beer and wine are often what people reach for at a cocktail party. A few tips to keep in mind when shopping for wine and beer:

    Each guest drinking beer will likely consume one 12 ounce bottle per hour for the duration of the party. Try buying a mix of domestic brews and local micro brews. Each guest drinking wine will likely consume one 5 ounce glass of wine per hour for the duration of the party. There are approximately five glasses of wine per bottle.
  • Have fun with your home bar. Cocktails like wine are meant for celebrations to create good memories with your friends and family.