Alpine Hot Spiced Wine

1. Alpine Hot Spiced Wine
Perfect for chilly weather, this spiced wine will warm you up in no time. Get the recipe.
Pomegranate and Cranberry Bellinis

Photo: Tina Rupp

2. Pomegranate and Cranberry Bellinis
If preparing a holiday dinner gives you the shakes, here's an aperitif that will calm your nerves: a cranberry-and-pomegranate-spiked Bellini. Get the recipe.
Fresh Mint Margaritas

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3. Fresh Mint Margaritas
Get the party going with tangy iced mint margaritas. Get your recipe.
Vodka-Espresso Cocktail

4. Vodka-Espresso Cocktail
This suave concoction of vodka, coffee and coffee liqueurs is guaranteed to get—and keep—the joint jumping. Get the recipe.
Tyler Florence's Cranberry-Apple Cider Shandy

5. Tyler Florence's Cranberry-Apple Cider Shandy
Wash down chef Tyler Florence's savory entrées with this refreshing beverage. Get the recipe
Steamy Passion


6. Steamy Passion
This Pinot Grigio-based punch is just plum fantastic. The recipe was created by Serena Bar & Lounge in New York City. Get the recipe.
Mexican Hot Chocolate

Photo: Ann Stratton

7. Mexican Hot Chocolate
Orange zest brightens the flavor of this cinnamon hot chocolate, giving it a fruity kick. A shot of Kahlúa transforms it into a very adult after-dinner drink. Get the recipe.
Frozen-Cherry-Tomato Bloody Marys

8. Frozen-Cherry-Tomato Bloody Marys
An ice-cold Bloody Mary is always satisfying—until the ice melts and dilutes the drink. To solve that problem, freeze cherry tomatoes and use them in place of ice cubes. Get the recipe.
Mulled Apple Cider

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9. Mulled Apple Cider
Every fall this is my most requested beverage for those cold windy days and nights in the Midwest. To make it really special, look for organic natural apple cider at your local health food store and create your own tussy-mussy of spices. Get the recipe.
Mint Tisane

Photo: Sang An

10. Mint Tisane
After a rich dinner, there's nothing like the soothing digestive qualities of an herbal tea. Use fresh mint alone or in combination with lemon verbena, if you can find it. Get the recipe


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