Lemony Yogurt Dip with Dill

Photo: Hannah Whitaker

The "Wait—That's Yogurt?" Veggie Dip
Greek cooks know how well tangy plain yogurt goes with lemon and dill. When you add salt, pepper and garlic, it loses its breakfast-y feel; the additions lend it a savory flavor that complements fresh vegetables, such as broccoli, bell peppers and celery.

Calories per serving: 25

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Spiced Ginger-Carrot Dip

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The Colorful Dip with a Sweet and Spicy Kick
This beautiful orange spread from the new Weight Watchers What to Cook Now cookbook combines vitamin-rich carrots with the warm and zippy flavors of grated, fresh ginger, paprika, cumin, cinnamon, coriander and cayenne. Pita chips dusted with the Middle Eastern spice za'atar would be a perfect accompaniment.

Calories per serving: 55

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Smoky Black Bean Dip

Photo: John Kernick

The Lightened-Up Mexican Dip
Black beans, simmered in a bit of water with onions and spices, turn silky smooth when you puree them in a food processor. Chipotle chilies add a smoky note, with just a touch of heat. It's great with baked tortilla chips (which are surprisingly easy to make at home).

Calories per serving: 157

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Peppermint Chocolate Dream

Photo: Truwhip

The Peppermint Dessert Dip
Truwhip, a new whipped topping made without high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, trans fats or artificial flavors, forms the base of this mint-chocolate treat. It's a delicious way to dress up chocolate wafer cookies or fresh berries.

Calories per serving: 146

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