Childhood Favorite, Grown-Up Bliss: How to Make Candy Bars
Artisinal candy-makers Jen King and Liz Gutman re-create one of their signature confections.
Jen King and Liz Gutman of Liddabit Candy
The Trick to Treats
Jen King (left) and Liz Gutman know that a cool room—and a cool temperament—is essential to candy-making. Here, they re-create one of the confections they sell at their handmade-candy company, Liddabit—layers of peanut-filled caramel and nougat enrobed in chocolate, which they call the Snacker.

Melted caramel being poured onto sheet pan
Step 1
Each layer is made separately and poured into its own lightly oiled, rimmed sheet pan to cool.

Caramel laid on top of nougat
Step 2
Gutman lays the caramel atop the nougat, then presses gently so they adhere.

Cutting nougat and caramel into bars
Step 3
A supersharp, oiled knife and a quick hand make for neat bars.

Dipping bar into chocolate
Step 4
Each bar is dipped in melted chocolate before being set on parchment paper.

Snacker Candy Bars
The Finished Product
These finished snacker bars taste so amazing, you could serve them at your next dinner party.

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