helena bonham carter as bellatrix lestrange
Photo: Courtesy of Jany Temime
Jany Temime, the sartorial magician behind the wizards and witches of the Harry Potter films, sets your Halloween dress code.
Keep it simple. Vampires are everywhere, so Temime tells Twilight fans to aim for a modern, austere look (no fake teeth!). Pair worn-out clothes (a battered jacket, scuffed boots, torn leggings) with impeccable hair and makeup: white face powder and a tight, glossy ponytail. "And create smoky eyes with a brown pencil—you've had a lot of long nights out."

Slash and burn. If you have a black long-sleeved dress that shows some cleavage, you can be Bellatrix Lestrange (left). Tear along the arm seams and (carefully!) singe the hem and cuffs with a match (keep a wet rag handy to snuff the flame as soon as it catches). Add a wide black belt, knee-high black boots, bold lipstick, dramatic brows, and a long black wig. Done!

Think British. "Costumes should be a laugh," Temime says. "The English have a beautiful ability to make fun of themselves. If you arrive at a Halloween party and everyone laughs at your costume, congratulations—you've broken the ice."

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Photo: Courtesy of Jany Temime


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