St. Patrick's Day
Photo: Thinkstock/liquidlibrary
There's a whole grocery list of allegedly lucky dishes—just Google "good luck foods" and get inspired by the variety. Feel free to borrow from traditional New Year's Eve traditions—dumplings, "longevity" noodles, black-eyed peas, a whole fish, lentils, cornbread, cabbage. Do your inviting casually, on the phone, and feel free to throw out some ideas. Everyone leans toward his or her specialty, so let your guests jump in and make the match. As the host, you'll want to create a main course that's a joy for you to prepare. Me, I love Asian noodle soups. Did you know that if you slurp a noodle all the way into your mouth in one breath, it's good luck? Yup. My husband likes to smoke a whole fish, mostly salmon and trout. Whole foods symbolize prosperity and abundance. In other words, luck!