7 Gift Jar Ideas: No Wrapping Needed
From homemade breakfast cereal to midnight snacks, these easy-to-assemble presents are lovely to look at and a cinch to transport.
Trail mix
Trail Mix Their Way
As long as there's plenty of chocolate (is it just us, or does everyone always eat the M&M's first?), you can't screw up trail mix. But personalizing the jar for each recipient makes it special. A yoga mat-toting niece will appreciate that you tracked down goji berries, soy nuts and chia seeds; a sister who's planning an island vacation for February can get a taste of the tropics with macadamia nuts, dried pineapple and shredded coconut. We like this 34-ounce, hermetic glass storage jar; it costs less than $5 and will work for almost any homemade gift.