Bonjour hot chocolate maker

Bonjour Hot Chocolate Maker
This hot chocolate maker is based on the antique models from the 1800sthough historians insist that those probably weren't microwaveable. Even the cheapest store-bought mix comes out creamy, rich and smooth, thanks to the battery-powered frother.

Available for $30. Visit for more information.
TSP Spices organic spices

TSP Spices Organic Spices
Forget measuring! Home cooking just got much easier. These beautifully packaged organic seasonings come in 12 one-teaspoon packets.

$10 per tin at
Felix Doolittle book plates

Felix Doolittle Book Plates
A special book deserves to be treated like it's special. Choose book plates from more than 90 wonderful illustrationsyou can even have them personalized!

$25 for 15 plates, $40 for 25 personalized plates.
Saitek mouse

Saitek Mouse
Forget gray and black and white! Get rid of that mousy mouse and make your office shine with yellows, greens, oranges and pinks.

$20 each.
Fiscalini cheese

Fiscalini Cheese
The makers of this cheese create an exquisite texture and rich flavor using milk from their own herd of Holsteinsand the wheels of their cheese are turned by hand and aged for 18 months. "This is the finest Cheddar on the planet," Oprah says.

$18 to $25 per pound.
Lug Nap Sac pillow

Lug Nap Sac Pillow
Think getting comfy on an airplane is impossible? Think again! Unzip this pillowcase and you'll find a soft blanket and inflatable pillow that, with any luck, will help you sleep the ride away.

Available for $28 at
Radius garden tools

Radius Garden Tools
These good looking gardening tools are super lightweightand the grip is designed to follow the curve of your palm. Working outside just got easier.

$13 each.
Be.ology t-shirt

Be.ology T-shirt
Want to let 'em know how you really feel? These ultrasoft cotton t-shirts will do the talking for you.

From $29 to $45, depending on style.
Ritzenhoff bottle opener

Ritzenhoff Bottle Opener
These funny little bottle openers work like a charm and look cute to boot.

$21 each.


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