Feng Shui in the Kitchen
Woman in kitchen
Feng Shui in the Kitchen
In the Chinese feng shui system, the kitchen is considered one of the key rooms in a home, and being the place where food is prepared to fuel and sustain us, the kitchen represents nourishment and prosperity. The design, placement and setup of the kitchen is said to influence prosperity and health.

It's important that the cook be in a commanding position while working at the stove, preferably facing out into the room toward the door. Many kitchens, however, have stoves facing the wall, so in order to correct this, feng shui consultants often recommend hanging something reflective like a mirror or some decorative aluminum over the stove. Also, if your kitchen is very small, a properly placed mirror can bring in more light and visually expand the space.

Another solution is to use a cooking island, as this will put the cook in a position to see what's going on around her and also opens up the work surface available to prepare food. I often recommend buying a rolling butcher block with shelving if there is not an island in the kitchen and positioning it so that the person preparing the foods can engage in what is going on around her.