Quick Steak and Kidney Pie

Photo: David Prince

1. Quick Steak and Kidney Pie

In this British comfort food classic, tender pieces of beef tenderloin and lamb kidneys are combined with sautéed carrots, celery, and shallots and topped with a flaky pastry disk.

Recipe: Quick Steak and Kidney Pie

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French Onion Soup

2. French Onion Soup

This appetizing soup puts a low-calorie spin on an old favorite.

Recipe: French Onion Soup

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Fish and Chips

Photo: David Prince

3. Fish and Chips

Perhaps the most ubiquitous of all UK comfort foods, crisp, tender fish and chips are traditionally accompanied by sea salt and vinegar.

Recipe: Fish and Chips

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Bacon, Browned Onion, and Camembert Tart

Photo: Petrina Tinslay

4. Bacon, Browned Onion, and Camembert Tart

A hand-folded pastry crust cradles a filling of caramelized onions, rosemary, bacon and Camembert cheese.

Recipe:  Bacon, Browned Onion, and Camembert Tart

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Braised lamb shoulder with root vegetables

Photo: David Prince

5. Braised Lamb Shoulder with Root Vegetables

Braised lamb shoulder with root vegetables is an elegant take on mutton stew.

Recipe: Braised Lamb Shoulder with Root Vegetables

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Duck a L'Orange

Photo: John Kernick

6. Duck à L'Orange

The marriage of duck and oranges is a happy one, dating from the early 1800s. The sweetness of the citrus in this duck a l'orange plays up the poultry's earthy, almost nutty flavor, while the fruit's acidity cuts the richness of the meat.

Recipe: Duck à L'Orange 

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English pork pie

Photo: Ann Stratton

7. English Pork Pie

Garlicky, spicy pork in a tender pastry crust...this English Christmas tradition will have you singing "Joy to the World."

Recipe: English Pork Pie

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Boeuf Bourguignon

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8. Boeuf Bourguignon

As is the case with most famous dishes, there are more ways than one to arrive at a good boeuf bourguignon. Carefully done, and perfectly flavored, it is certainly one of the most delicious beef dishes concocted by man, and can well be the main course for a buffet dinner.

Recipe: Boeuf Bourguignon 

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British berry pudding

9. British Berry Pudding

For this dessert, vary your berries according to what looks best, but always include raspberries.

Recipe: British Berry Pudding 

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Bakewell tart

Photo: David Prince

10. Bakewell Tart

Tradition has it that the layerin in Bakewell tart—in this case, a sweet, buttery filling over huckleberry jam—was a mistake that caught on. Served with whipped cream and fresh berries, this classic British confection is a proper dessert, or perfect for high tea.

Recipe: Bakewell Tart

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Classic Tarte Tatin

Photo: Maria Robledo

11. Classic Tarte Tatin

Lavender adds unexpected flavor to this otherwise classic tarte Tatin.

Recipe: Classic Tarte Tatin 

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Chocolate Pot de Cr??me with Vanilla Ice Cream

Photo: James Baigrie  

12. Chocolate Pot de Creme with Vanilla Ice Cream 

Deep, bittersweet chocolate custard can be prepared and chilled well in advance, which makes it the perfect dessert for an impromptu dinner party.

Recipe: Chocolate Pot de Crème with Vanilla Ice Cream 

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