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There was very little nutrition in a chicken nugget...until now! Jessica transforms this childhood favorite by coating the chicken pieces with a puree before cooking.

To make these crowd pleasers, Jessica dips boneless, skinless chicken in a mixture of egg and veggie puree. "Any puree works. They're just so delicious and really crispy—all kids love them," she says. "[Kids] never have said to me, 'Ew, there's a vegetable in here.'"

For extra crispy nuggets, Jessica suggests using broccoli puree. These chicken nuggets are also coated with a breadcrumb mixture that includes flaxseed meal, a heart-healthy source of fiber.

Get the complete recipe for Jessica's chicken nuggets!

Even though Jessica's kids are getting the nutrients they need from hidden purees, she says she always serves meals with a side of veggies. "Not only do I add purees to everything that I now cook, I always, always, on the side of [the] plate, have fresh vegetables," she says. "I never want my children to think that eating vegetables is not important."
FROM: Jessica Seinfeld's Delicious Secret with Dr. Oz
Published on October 08, 2007


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