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Don't surrender the veggie war just yet! Jessica's cooking secret is simple...and a little sneaky.

"The trick to all of this is hiding vegetable purees in your children's foods," she says. "You can match the color of the puree to the color of the food that your kid is used to eating."

Jessica came up with this strategy while cooking for her family. She gives macaroni and cheese—one of her kids' favorite foods—a healthy spin by stirring in some butternut squash or cauliflower puree. The best part? Children can't taste a difference! "This was a big hit with my family," she says. "But it wasn't until I started inviting friends and family over that I realized that I had really hit on something big."

Go inside the Seinfeld home!

After many hours in the kitchen, Jessica came up with a variety of low-fat recipes for her cookbook. Each recipe was then tested by Joy Bauer, a nutritionist who gave Jessica her stamp of approval.

Now, every family in America can put Jessica's recipes to the test. Even Oprah, who doesn't have to hide veggies from anyone, says she's been experimenting with the purees. "It's so fun!" she says.
FROM: Jessica Seinfeld's Delicious Secret with Dr. Oz
Published on October 08, 2007


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