7 Decadent Chocolate Treats
These new candies from small confectioners will suit every personality type. Sweet!
Vosges Coquette Collection chocolates
I Dream of Chocolate
Vosges Coquette Collection
What's your pleasure? It's sure to be found among the 100-plus Vosges flavors, like pistachio or rose tea and Champagne.
($12 for four;

If you're looking for chocolate-dipped fruit...

John & Kira's Drunken Chocolate Figs
Chocolate-Dipped Fruit
John & Kira's Drunken Chocolate Figs
Dried figs (imported from Spain for their thin skin and smooth texture) are hand-filled with rich, alcohol-spiked ganache, then coated with dark chocolate.
($22 for six;

If you're looking for exotic ingredients...

Marcie Blaine Artisanal Chocolates
Exotic Ingredients
Marcie Blaine Artisanal Chocolates
Surprisingly delicious combinations, from Madras curry and coconut to a rosemary–pine nut–caramel blend, are inspired by global cuisine.
($12 for six;

If you're looking for a spirited treat...

Recchiuti Whiskey Pairing Box
A Spirited Treat
Recchiuti Whiskey Pairing Box
These chocolates (in flavors like honeycomb and coffee) are designed to go with specific varieties of whiskey—but they're also perfect on their own.
($25 for nine;

If you're looking for fun and games...

Jacques Torres Loves Me, Loves Me Not
Fun and Games
Jacques Torres Loves Me, Loves Me Not
This box includes both dark and milk chocolates, so everyone can pick their favorite, then find one of two playful messages hidden underneath: either LOVES ME or LOVES ME NOT.
($18 for 12;

If you're looking for creamy caramels...

Good Karmal Flavor Sampler
Creamy Caramels
Good Karmal Flavor Sampler
Opening each one reveals a positive affirmation (good karma!) on the wrapper, plus a velvety caramel imbued with a flavor such as chocolate sea salt, chipotle, or vanilla that will put you in a state of nirvana.
($10 for seven;

If you're looking for time-honored truffles...

Gail Ambrosius Classic Collection
Time-Honored Truffles
Gail Ambrosius Classic Collection
This Madison, Wisconsin, chocolatier travels the world to track down the best cacao beans, then features the chocolate in truffle flavors including vanilla, raspberry, and espresso.
($11.50 for six;

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