Irresistible Cupcakes That Take the Cake
We've tracked down 10 of the tastiest hand-held treats out there, from the wonderfully plain Jane to the just plain wondrous maple-bacon cupcake.
Caramel cupcake
The Vanilla Cupcake, with a Twist (Actually, a Swirl)
Instead of jazzing up a basic vanilla cupcake with frosting or filling, this outrageous recipe has you swirling caramel sauce into the cake itself (it's your choice whether to add frosting on top of that). It's a brilliant technique: You scoop the batter into tins until each is just over 3/4 full, and then spoon about a teaspoon of caramel sauce on top of each cupcake, whirling it into the batter with a toothpick. We love using Happy Goat's buttery vanilla-bean caramel sauce, but any kind will give you delicious results.

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