Wiener schnitzel

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Bread Veal (or Any Meat) for the Crispiest Wiener Schnitzel

Crunchy, light and tender schnitzel is a classic of Austrian and German cuisine, but the technique for making it—pounding the meat, dipping it in egg and bread crumbs, and frying it—pops up in many other cuisines too. To get it right, Kurt Gutenbrunner, chef of the New York City restaurants Wallsé, Café Sabarsky and Blaue Gans, recommends pounding the meat between two sheets of plastic wrap or in a plastic bag to an even thickness. When it comes to the egg mixture, he adds a spoon or two of heavy cream to make the eggs fluffier. He also takes care not to beat too much, since more loosely beaten eggs will better encase the meat, which will result in a more voluminous crust. After coating the meat in bread crumbs, Gutenbrunner fries it immediately in oil and butter, because when the butter melts and browns, it imparts a delicious nutty flavor.

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