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Though Curtis had been practicing a steak sandwich for the showdown, he says he had to switch gears when he found out his partner Andrea didn't eat meat. The black team came up with a new plan to make two small dishes using organic ingredients—one vegetarian and one using seafood. "The two sandwiches are actually called Earth and Surf," Curtis says.

First up is their earthy sandwich, which is made with falafels, fennel and cabbage stuffed in a pita. "It's street food from the Middle East, basically," Curtis says. "It's full of protein—great veggie snack."

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The surf comes second. To incorporate more protein into Andrea's diet, Curtis introduces her to the Baltimore-style crab cake. The team mixes Alaskan king crabmeat with lemon zest, cilantro, homemade tartar sauce and apple before pan frying it. Served on a hamburger bun, Curtis calls this sandwich the Surf Sandwich.

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To wash down both sandwiches, Curtis and Andrea also made a Mango Bellini.
FROM: Oprah's Sandwich Showdown!
Published on June 02, 2008


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