5 New Cachaça Cocktail Recipes
Mixologists are finding increasingly creative combinations for the Latin spirit, made from fresh-pressed sugarcane juice.
Tohu Cocktail
If You Like Tart, Fruity Cocktails, Try the ToHu Swizzle
Fruit juices and sparkling soda give a summer feel to this floral cocktail, crafted by Justin Noel, beverage director of 1534 New York.

Get the recipe for this berries and lemongrass cachaça
If You Like Sweet, Fruity Cocktails, Try the O Peixinho Morto
This riff on a classic Trader Vic's mai tai takes its cheeky name (which means "The Dead Goldfish" in Portuguese) from the garnish floating in the drink, says Joseph Brooke, former director of spirits at the Edison in Los Angeles.

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If You Like Spicy Cocktails, Try the Carnivale
Jalapeño gives this classic daiquiri a Brazilian twist, says Joseph Brooke.

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Brazilian Cocktail
If You Like Mint Cocktails, Try the Brazilian Tourist
Yuzu, an ultra-tart Japanese fruit, balances the sweetness of cachaça and simple syrup, in this easy-to-drink cooler by Justin Noel.

Get the recipe for this yuzu, green tea, and mint cachaça
Edison Cocktail
If You Like Basil Cocktails, Try Edison's Medicine
This crisp herbal cocktail, made by Pete Gugni of the Bedford in Chicago, is similar to a mojito.

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