Oprah's goodie bag
"Hostess gifts" are no longer what you give when you're invited for dinner or the weekend—it's what the hostess gives you to say thanks for coming.

"When friends come to stay with me, I offer my home as a gift, a warm embrace," says Oprah. "I know that whatever I've had has always been better if I share it, whether it's roller skates or a Hershey's bar. And for my friends—my claimed family—hospitality is an extension of myself, an extension of grace and kindness."

So what would you find in your gift basket if you stayed at Oprah's house? Your goodies might include:

  1. Egyptian cotton bathrobe from Turnbull & Asser (turnbullandasser.com)
  2. Linen-trimmed cotton pajamas from Olatz Inc. (olatz.com)
  3. Beauty products, like Jo Malone's grapefruit shower gel, shampoo and cologne (866-566-2566)
  4. Chocolate bars laced with exotic ingredients like chiles, curry or ginger by Vosges (vosgeschocolate.com)
  5. Books, like Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye
  6. Towels, washcloths and sponges from Waterworks (waterworks.com)
  7. Homemade cookies baked by Oprah's personal chef, Art Smith
  8. Ice-cold milk in old-fashioned glass bottles from the organic Straus Family Creamery (strausmilk.com)

Be the Hostess with the Mostest
You can create your own gift baskets for your guests, even if your budget is slightly lower than Oprah's!

  • Indulge your guests with a comfy robe or pajamas from Oprah's Boutique.
  • Homemade treats are always a hit. Get recipes for cookies, tarts, even drinks with a kick—your guests will thank you!
  • Encourage relaxation with customized homemade soaps and bath salts.
  • If your guest room has a fireplace, warm it up with a fire and kindling kit.
  • Get more great ideas for everything from what to wear to what to eat in the O List.

Oprah's Guest Apartment
Now that you know what Oprah's guests can expect when they visit, take a look at the sumptuous surroundings where they'll relax and sleep!


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