Grilling Tips
The Grill of My Dreams
  • Gas grills can change the way you cook because they're so easy to use. Simply turn a switch and the propane jets ignite; 10 minutes later, set the food on the grid. Depending on the model, you may be able to adjust the temperature of different areas to precisely cook a variety of foods, and the grill also functions as a smoker. To be sure, a gas grill is a bit expensive, and you have to refill the propane tank from time to time. But if you like convenience, it is worth every cent.
  • Kettle grills appeal to cooks who prefer the thrill of mastering fire to the convenience of turning a knob. Their round shape helps to conserve and intensify heat, and the fuel—typically charcoal—adds an unmistakable smoky flavor to food. Once you get the hang of banking the coals and tending the flames, you can cook great food on a kettle grill, but because the flames are hotter and less responsive than gas, you need to take pains to master the technique.
  • Hibachi and other portable tabletop grills are fine for picnics and camping trips, but they are rudimentary and useful for only the very simplest grilling over direct heat.