Quick and Tasty Foods from Your Supermarket's Asian Aisle
spice paste
Asian Home Gourmet Spice Pastes

These seasoning packets (plus meat or pasta) let you cook Vietnamese lemongrass chicken and Singaporean curry noodles without buying a basketful of obscure ingredients.

$2 each; Asian markets and gourmet stores
jar of ginger
The Ginger People Organic Ginger

Add a spoonful of jarred, ready-to-use minced or grated ginger (it's like prechopped garlic) to stir-fries, coleslaw, and marinades for a zingy flavor boost.

$3; Whole Foods
seaweed snacks
Annie Chun's Seaweed Snacks

Crispy, roasted seaweed strips are a healthy alternative to potato chips—plus they're high in omega-3s and contain only about 60 calories per package.

$2 each; supermarkets
miso broth
Marukome Miso & Easy

A squirt of this concentrated broth transforms hot water into Japanese miso soup (add vegetables or tofu for a heartier version). Or use it straight up as a marinade for roasted chicken or grilled streak.

$5; Asian markets
noodle bowl
Simply Asia Noodle Bowls

Think of these hearty meals-in-a-bowl as an updated take on instant ramen. Just add water and pop in the microwave for hot noodles in a spicy Mongolian sauce or sesame teriyaki glaze.

$4; supermarkets
spicy peanut bake
A Taste of Thai Spicy Peanut Bake

Roll chicken in this crunchy coating for a Thai version of chicken tenders, or toss the mix with broccoli to create an unexpected side dish.

$4; supermarkets

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