Blis maple syrup gift pack

1. Pour It On
"Organic maple syrup spiked with bourbon or vanilla is fantastic not only with breakfast, but in a glaze for roast pork or a sauce for wild salmon."

Bourbon Barrel Matured and Tahitian Vanilla Infused maple syrup gift pack, $50
Pierre Marcolini Belgian chocolates

2. Chocolate Squared
"Because the cocoa content of this handmade Belgian chocolate is off the charts, it's extremely satisfying-one square a day is enough."

Box of eight bars, $84
Pierre Marcolini Chocolatier;
Jonathan Adler serveware

3. The Playful Plate
"These stoneware dishes have a gorgeous glaze and a nice sense of humor. The designer works with potters in Peru and is active in aid to Artisans, which links local craftsmen to commercial markets."

Apple, $65, and pear, $55
Jonathan Adler;
Stainless steel steak knives

4. Look Sharp
"There's nothing worse than having to wrestle with your steak because you don't have the proper knife."

Twelve stainless steel knives in black case, $50
Gourmet Settings; for stores
Bean Trees Peruvian French Roast

5. Caffeine with a Conscience
"I like waking up with coffee that hasn't been doused with lots of pesticides. This company buys beans at a fair price from workers who aren't exploited."

Peruvian French Roast, $11
Bean Trees Fine Organic Coffees;


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