4 Easy-to-Find Superfoods That Won't Break the Bank
The same key nutrients that give high-priced health foods their disease-fighting powers can be found in other fruits and veggies.
acai berry
Miracle Food: Acai

A fruit from the acai palm tree, which is native to Central and South America.

Miracle Nutrient: Anthocyanins. Advertisers claim that these antioxidants have antiaging properties that boost metabolism and repair skin damage. While such statements are unproven, scientists do believe anthocyanins offer other benefits, like inhibiting cancer cell growth and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Mega Price: A 32-fluid-ounce bottle of acai juice can cost more than $40; an eight-ounce bag of freeze-dried powder is about $30; a bottle of 60 acai capsules will run you more than $10.

Common Sources: Anthocyanins are by no means unique to acai products. More common sources include apples, cherries, grapes, radishes, blueberries, and nearly every other purple, blue, or red fruit or vegetable.

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