Ziggy Marley
Photo: Kii Arens
Bob Marley's eldest son is back with his fourth solo raggae album Wild and Free. Here he shares his ultimate songs of summer.

For a Day In The Sun
"'Master Blaster,' by Stevie Wonder, is up-tempo and fun, like Stevie himself. Stevie's always making jokes; he really knows how to put people at ease. He's one of my inspirations, as a musician and a person."

For a Night Out
"'She Wolf,' by Shakira, makes you want to let go of your inhibitions and jam. I toured with Shakira last year in South America, and I loved this song even more after I saw her perform it. Nobody moves like her."

For a Little Romance
"'Forward to Love,' from my new album, makes me think of my wife. We met at one of my shows about ten years ago, when she was a talent agent. I knew right when we made eye contact that she was it for me."

For a Hit of Nostalgia
"My father's song 'One Love' inspired the One Love Peace Concert in Jamaica in 1978. I was 9, but I still remember when he brought the heads of the two rival political factions onstage to join hands. His music was meant to uplift. I can't imagine summer without it."

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