Episode 8 Deleted Scenes
A Last-Minute Mission for the Final Three
In a deleted scene from the Oprah's Big Give season finale, the givers take on one last mission: The Big Give Spree. They each have three hours to give away $5,000.
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Oprah and Rachael
Oprah Catches Up with Rachael
Oprah follows up with Rachael after her appearance on The Oprah Show. See why Oprah thinks Rachael could use a lesson in ego!
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Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk Shows His Stuff
In a deleted scene from Episode 3, skateboarding champion Tony Hawk puts on a free show to help support Team Forgotten Christmas.
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Brandi Gives Away a Shopping Spree
In a deleted scene from Episode 2, Brandi surprises a complete stranger with a Target shopping spree
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Carlana and Sheg
Sheg and Carlana on Rodeo Drive
In a deleted scene from Episode 1, Sheg and Carlana encourage people to give big on the streets of L.A.


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