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To Skip: The Three's Company Moments
It's not fair to talk about TV and books at the same moment, but I'm going to. One of the reasons why we love to read is that we fall in love with the characters. They either are us or they're like us or they're like somebody whom we love, or they're the kind of person we'd never, ever get to be or meet in our real lives. So, when one of those characters overhears something and misunderstands it (like Jack Tripper) and ends up dressing up in drag to meet Janet and Chrissy at his boss's cocktail party, it's too painful. Furthermore, when that character so clearly makes a bad decision and you can't stop him—he just keeps going, no matter how you cringe or cry "no!"—then drastic nonreading measures are called for. I could not stand reading about Celia from The Help getting dead drunk at the Junior League ball, an event she should never have attended in the first place. In fact, I will not stand it! I'll just skip over that scene and focus on the part where she saves the life of her maid, Minny, with a fireplace poker.


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