Tyler Perry refuses to read movie reviews
Though Tyler says he's thrilled Madea Goes to Jail is doing so well, he tries not to pay attention to the box office predictions or ratings. "All I wanted to do—especially right now, with everything that is going on in this country—is make a film that we can go out, laugh, forget about it for an hour and a half and enjoy ourselves," he says. "So that's what was important to me—to see that so many people saw it, to see that it's doing very well, means that I get to make another one."

When it comes to movie reviews, Tyler says he avoids them at all costs. "I sat in a show at the Kodak Theatre, and there were two reviewers in the same row, both saw the same show," he says. "One loved it; one hated it. Great review in one paper; awful review in the next. And I knew that it was about experiences."
FROM: Oprah Fridays Live with Tyler Perry
Published on March 06, 2009


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