KF: How would you define happiness?

TR: I think happiness is a really wonderful thing, but what's the deepest form of happiness? Because happiness is like love. You can love your dog, and you can love your husband and your wife. I hope that's not the same, you know? So in the English language, you have certain words. What I really think we're craving in that experience is a life of meaning, and I think of meaning where you feel that sense of joy and fulfillment that is lasting. Pleasure happens in the body; happiness happens in the mind. The experience of real joy—that euphoria, that sense of meaning, that sense of fulfillment—comes in the spirit. And that only comes, in my experience, when you get out of yourself, when you are doing something for someone you care about or love. Where you disappear. As long as you are here, there are going to be problems. It's just the way we are. It's just the way the human mind works. But the only time we disappear is when we're there for something more than ourselves: a purpose, a mission, a child, our family, your mother, your father, something that matters to you. Then you're not there, and all that's there is your spirit or your soul. That's when people feel that experience, and we can do that every damn day.

The energy you hear in me that I have, that's part of my life. My wife has it, and I know a lot of people that have it because their lives are about something more than just themselves. That's not to say you don't get to enjoy your life or have fun or have those pleasures or joys or happiness, but that long-term fulfillment comes from not what you get, but who you become. You can only become something when you step outside yourself and serve. That's really what I believe, in my heart and soul, life is about.

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