KF: In addition to helping families in Breakthrough, you're a father, an author, an entrepreneur...the list goes on. What is a typical day in your life like?

TR: There are no typical days. I'll tell you a typical day—full!

KF: How do you have so much energy?

TR: Well, I have a workout regimen that I just don't miss, and I am honestly a very light eater. I eat throughout the day. I eat small portions of food, but where my energy comes from is it's psychological and spiritual. I mean, it's pretty hard not to be inspired when every day of your life...[I have] a dozen people walking up and saying, "You changed my life. I lost 50 pounds. I got my kid off drugs." That's what I live for. Every day you get to see the impact of what you're doing.

KF: Do you ever just sit around and watch bad TV? How do you relax?

TR: True Blood! My wife says, "You have to watch this True Blood," and I'm like, "Honey, how could you?" Then we watched one, and I was like, "Put on the next one!" So, you know, 24 and True Blood. We download stuff off of iTunes, I'm an Apple guy, and we travel all over the world. My wife, honestly, is the greatest thing in my life. I would trade everything—I'm not saying this lightly. I'm not saying this as hyperbole. I really believe I would trade everything in my life for this woman, because she is the joy of my life. We're in this together, we love each other, we have this passion, we travel everywhere together, and we're never apart. I have so much joy with her.


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