KF: How did you help this couple rewrite their story?

TR: I said, "First, get them out of the house, which they think they can't do. But instead of cross-town, I'm going to take them to Fiji, where I have a home and resort. I'm going to rewrite the story. Come to a beautiful place with a new leap of faith." The first task was, he thought he was worthless and he could do nothing, and she was carrying all the burden. So I had to show him the chair didn't control him. He could pierce her emotionally and psychologically and break through and become the source of power and support for her, and once he can get her laughing and feeling alive again, in minutes he suddenly became a man again. She felt like a wife for the first time in her life. Then, I said, "You took a leap of faith, and you're going to take another one. You're going skydiving today." She freaked out even more and said, "He can't do that." I said, "Don't worry about him. You're his partner. You're going too." So they both went on the skydive, which was magnificent. That's the first eight minutes of a 44-minute show, to give you an idea.

KF: What did you learn from Frank, Kristen and the other people you met while filming this series?

TR: What happens is, you watch these people, and you just go, "Damn, I got no excuses," you know? It lifts you. It inspires you, and it's real and it's raw. These people just fall in love with them, and I really want to put something out there that would be different than the oil spill and the economy. [I want to] just remind people that the human spirit can overcome a lot of things. Events do control a part of our lives, but we ultimately control who we are, how we live, what we give, who we become. This couple is just one example. Each special is completely different.


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