Lea Michele as Rachel Berry

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Rachel Berry
(played by Lea Michele)
The day Rachel Berry's two gay fathers welcomed her into their lives, a star was born. At least, that's what this lead vocalist has been telling herself since she won her first dance competition at 3 months old. Despite constant bullying by the cheerleaders (known as the Cheerios)—and an occasional slushie facial—this sophomore is confident, driven and dead set on making it on Broadway. Rachel's obsession with solos and stardom often annoy fellow glee clubbers, especially rival divas Mercedes and Kurt.

Her one weakness? Finn, the popular quarterback who joins the glee club and sings his way into her heart. When Finn chooses his (cheating) girlfriend over her, Rachel has a brief fling with the school's bad boy, Noah "Puck" Puckerman. After watching Schindler's List, Puck decides he wants to date Rachel, the only other Jewish member of the glee club, but, ultimately, their frenzied make-out sessions fizzle.
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Published on March 29, 2010