The Santa Clause

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The Santa Clause
What if Santa lived among us in the working world? This Disney favorite gives a glimpse of what that might be like when Tim Allen becomes the man in the red suit. On Christmas Eve, the real Kris Kringle takes a nasty spill off Scott Calvin's roof. Scott follows orders, climbs into the Santa suit and is suddenly delivering gifts to children around the world. Once he arrives in the North Pole, the new Father Christmas is presented with the "Santa Clause": If something happens to the man himself, the next person to sport the outfit assumes the role of Santa and all the official duties that come with it. Suddenly, Scott finds himself with an ever-growing belly and white beard, the ability to see who's been naughty or nice and a serious case of the holiday munchies. True, the family comedy—which spawned two sequels—follows your typical feel-good seasonal formula. But sometimes Christmas is about the comfort of the same-old thing in bright and shiny new packaging. 


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