stevie nicks
Photo: Neal Preston
I can't live without...
my 14-year-old Chinese crested-Yorkie, Sulamith. She travels with me almost everywhere, and she's even got mini Stevie Nicks flaming capes, black chiffon dresses, and white jackets that my wardrobe mistress made for her.

My ideal Saturday night is...
curling up on my pink couch in my Santa Monica condo to watch a Law & Order marathon. It can be any of the iterations: Criminal Intent, SVU...whichever one is on makes me think I could be a detective.

My backup career would be...
running a hotel. I enjoy taking care of people and making them feel comfortable. When my friends come to visit, I want them to walk into their room and know that the cashmere blanket or perfect pillow was picked specifically for them by me. I could totally open a hotel and spend my days putting beauty and care into each room.

The one thing I do every day is...
write in my journal. Someday, when I'm no longer here, I want my nieces and goddaughters to sit on the floor with 30 leather-bound books and read about my life—not from the Internet, or a biography, but from me.

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