Lisa Edelstein
Photo: Fox
Rachel Bertsche: The sixth season of House seems to have had a breath of new life. Why do you think that's happening now?

Lisa Edelstein: It always feels fresh to me, but I think every year the producers try to keep it fresh and fun for themselves. They really haven't gotten bored with the game pieces, and I think it shows in the writing.

RB: There's been a return to the original group of doctors. What's it been like to go back to your roots?

LE: Well, all the newbies are also present, so it's been great. I love seeing everybody more than I had been seeing them for a couple of years. We have a wonderful group of people. We're very fortunate—it doesn't always happen that way.
RB: What's it like to work with Hugh Laurie? He's pretty amazing.

LE: He is amazing. He's an incredibly hard worker. Sometimes I look at that character and I think the character himself is like the sad clown, you know the brilliant sad clown, but Hugh is a warm and wonderful hardworking fella who I'm happy to work with.

RB: He seems like such a wonderful person to lead a strong ensemble cast like yours.

LE: Yeah, we've all been together for so long—which, again, is so unusual—that you begin to speak in unspoken terms...really know each other after a while.