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In June 2006, Nicole married country star and fellow Aussie Keith Urban in an intimate candlelit ceremony. Just a few months after the wedding, Keith checked himself into rehab for alcohol addition.

Russell: So, how's Keith doing at the moment?
Nicole: Keith's doing very well. Yeah. We've, I mean we've been through a lot. ... We've dug really deep. Three months into our marriage we had to dig really deep. And that's what we're doing. And we're in the process of doing it.
Russell: It's very courageous of him to just pack up his toothbrush and go to rehab. He must have you at the very forefront of everything if he's thinking to just do that.
Nicole: You'll make me cry now so stop it!
Russell: No, seriously, I think you need to see it from that perspective.
Nicole: I do.
Russell: 'Cause he's a very, you know, he's a proud man. He's a very creative soul and for [him] to just go, "Right, I need to do this thing for the rest of my life to progress." That's pretty cool.
Nicole: It is.


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