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In April 2003, Russell married actress Danielle Spencer in a private ceremony on his Australian ranch. They exchanged vows in a romantic chapel that Russell built just for the momentous occasion.

Nicole: What's the most significant kiss you've ever had in your life?
Russell: Probably the one that comes just after "I do."
Nicole: Mmm.
Russell: I remember standing in the chapel, and just as the bishop started talking, the afternoon sun hit the center of that stained glass window and just ran up Danielle's dress in golds and reds and blues and stuff. It was gorgeous.
Nicole: That's the woman you were meant to marry. That's a sign. I believe in signs. Do you cry easily?
Russell: Oh very easily, yeah. Not in an emotionally collapsing sort of way, you know. But, when you've got two little boys, it's going to give you an emotional rush.
Nicole: Do you prefer to be loved, or do you prefer to love?
Russell: I prefer to be the one doing the loving, I suppose.