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During their very candid interview, Julia gets a surprise phone call from Brad Pitt who offers some friendly interviewing advice. What he doesn't know? Julia has him on speakerphone!

Julia: George Clooney's house. Hello?
Brad: Julia? Hey, it's Brad. Listen, I was thinking I would avoid the line of questioning about the Oscars®. You know, I would stick with the [People's] Sexiest Man Alive line of questioning. Who's that [in the background]? Is that George?
George: Hey, hi!
Brad: Hey, how are you doing? We've just been talking about how great we thought it was that you were the two-time Sexiest Man Alive winner...and you know George, you're a real inspiration, a real inspiration to us younger guys.
George: I just wanted you to know that I thought you looked great when you didn't win at the Golden Globes®.
Brad: Thank you, man. Thank you! And I think the plastic surgery is fantastic! You really cannot tell. You really can't tell. Hey listen, while I've got you on the phone, I think the question America really wants to know and hear from you is what exactly are the responsibilities of wearing the crown of the Sexiest Man Alive?
George: Well, you did a pretty good job of tarnishing it for a long time and they thought they'd bring me in to clean it up again. I think I'm doing a really good job.


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