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Tony Gonzalez
Dubbed one of the sexiest athletes in the world by ESPN, Tony Gonzalez is considered to be one of the most accomplished tight ends in NFL history. Despite being an intimidating force on the football field, Tony's real passion is philanthropy and lending time to his foundation, The Tony Gonzalez Foundation, as well as the Shadow Buddies Foundation, which hands out dolls to seriously ill and medically challenged children. In fact, Gonzalez is the only NFL player with his own Shadow Buddy, a doll designed by the Shadow Buddies Foundation to be a friend to sick children when they need it most.

In Tony's 11-year career with the Kansas City Chiefs, he's broken a number of NFL records, including career touchdown catches by a tight end in 2007. Off the field, his résumé includes regular appearances on countless national and local TV programs and an appearance in the film Any Given Sunday . After his 1998 rookie season, the Kansas City Chief formed The Tony Gonzalez Foundation, which supports the Shadow Buddies Foundation and The Boys & Girls Clubs of America, where Tony is a member of the Hall of Fame. During the offseason, Tony hosts a youth football camp and lends his time to MVPSpot.com, where he gives out nutritional information for a healthy lifestyle. He has also published an autobiographical children's book, Catch and Connect .

"Competition can bring out the best in people," Tony says. "What I love about Oprah's Big Give is people are using that competitive edge to help others. I think that's cool, very cool."

Tony's Favorite…
Giving Back Moment: Holding my Annual 'Shop with a Jock' event. I take 100 underprivileged kids shopping during Christmas. One year, we had a kid put nothing but food in his cart while all the other kids were buying toys and clothes. It struck me that this kid was stocking up so he wouldn't have to be hungry. We bought the food, but I took him back in to buy toys and clothes, too. It was Christmas, and I wanted him to be able to be a kid.

Food: Whatever I'm in the mood for

Movie: Forrest Gump

Type of Music and/or Artist: '80s, rock, rap

Dessert: Cookies

Time of Day: Morning

Indulgence: Wine

Vacation: Puerto Rico

Memory: A family reunion in Jamaica, where I hung out with generations of my family where my grandmother grew up.

Snack: An organic fruit smoothie that I make

Weekend Activity: Sunday dinners with my whole family

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