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Big Give runners-up, Brandi and Cameron, agree that even though they didn't win, the experience was life-changing. "I was really proud of what I accomplished," Cameron says. "I never knew there was a million dollars, so I don't feel like I've lost anything."

Brandi says her experiences taught her the true value of giving. "It's really about rallying these communities together, connecting with people and sharing a story. That's really what gets everyone involved," she says. "It's an obligation, and it's also an honor to be part of that."

For their first postshow challenge, Brandi and Cameron say they will continue working as a team. First, they are going to pledge money to Sir Richard Branson's charity, Virgin Unite. "[It] promotes entrepreneurship in Africa," Cameron says. "With my business contacts and everything else, I'm going to try and turn it into a lot more money."

Brandi says she also would like to work in her hometown, especially with the military.

Don't Brandi and Cameron have any plans to spend any of their $100,000 on themselves? "It was money that we didn't expect, really," she says. "I mean, it doesn't even exist."

Special thanks to all those who helped during this episode of Oprah's Big Give .


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