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Stephen says he was shocked to learn about the $1 million prize. "We came on the show to get nothing, but to give ourselves … when you threw out that million dollars, I just was blown away," he says.

In the spirit of the show, Stephen must give half of his prize away—and he's already planning what to do. "I've been building schools in Africa, and so we're going to continue to build some schools and libraries and partner schools here in the United States with schools there in Africa," he says.

He is also working with another Big Giver, Eric, who he became close friends with on the show. "Eric's been working in the Gulf Coast," he says. "We're going back down to build some more houses and finish some houses. There are so many people, two and a half years later, who still don't have a place to live."

Stephen says he also wants to give back to his hometown of Bedford, New York, after being inspired by The Big Family Reunion Challenge. "There are so many great organizations in my hometown I never knew about, and I want to go back and serve them."

Just as he accomplished on the show, Stephen hopes to take the prize money and turn it into many millions to give away over the next several years. "I'm hoping I can deflect this light and show it to the great social entrepreneurs," he says. "To people who are in the grass roots making a difference because I'm not really the Biggest Giver from this show. The Biggest Givers were the people that I got to meet."


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