Nate Berkus
A fan favorite on Oprah's Big Give, contestant Carlana Stone was eliminated from the competition in Episode 3. Nate talks with Carlana about her run on the show and how it's changed her perspective on giving and on life.

Carlana says she's taken on many challenges since she was paralyzed in a car crash at age 17. "Ever since my accident, it is almost as if I've had something to prove to everybody," she says. From jumping out of planes to scuba diving, Carlana says she's pushed herself to the limits, but unfortunately she says she didn't reach her full potential on Oprah's Big Give. "I just wasn't done yet," she says. "I just really didn't feel like I'd truly gotten started and tapped into my core, my true capability."

Judges pointed to conflict between Carlana and her teammate Rachael and a lack of overall teamwork as reasons why she was eliminated. Carlana says she felt like she was a team player, but also says she learned something from being sent home. "It's brought me to a new level of awareness, recognizing that I can only be responsible for what I do, how I react, how I respond," she says.

As for her work on Oprah's Big Give, Carlana says it's just the beginning of her work in philanthropy. Carlana says she's grateful to have been a part of the show and to have been accepted by others despite her disability. "I am on a level playing field with the rest of those contestants, and that is the hugest honor I could ever ask for because that was what I've been yearning for," she says.
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