New Years Celebrations
Illustration: Marie Assenat

Legoland, Carlsbad, CA

To accommodate its clientele's early bedtime, a six-foot-long Lego brick glides down a tower at the stroke of 6 P.M.

Bartlesville, OK

At the swanky Price Tower Arts Center—celebs like Ben Affleck and Julia Roberts were guests when they filmed movies in the area—a giant Styrofoam olive plummets 14 stories into a seven-foot-tall martini glass.

Plymouth, WI

Residents gather in 20-degree weather to see an 80-pound wedge of fake cheese fall from a fire truck ladder.

Mobile, AL

A 350-pound, 12-foot-tall MoonPie drops from a 34-story building in honor of the city's favorite midnight snack (residents reportedly consume some four million a year).

Key West, FL

Street revelers look on as a six-foot queen conch shell created by a local artist is lowered onto the roof of Sloppy Joe's Bar.

Eastport, ME

This island community's art museum hosts the annual drop of a shark-size wooden sardine.

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