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Brandi Milloy
As a four-time title holder in the Miss America Organization, Brandi Milloy knows that some people will do just about anything to win. "I had a girl cut my dress the night before my first competition—she got caught with the scissors in her hand," Brandi says.

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Brandi's four titles include two in her hometown of Sierra Vista, Arizona, and at every pageant, she had one goal in mind. "I always wanted to out-do the other girl in volunteer hours," she says. From high school through college alone, Brandi estimates that she volunteered more than 5,000 hours. A graduate of the University of Arizona, Brandi is passionate about being a mentor to children. She says she's a natural competitor and has always played sports, despite being diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager—a condition that required her to wear a back brace and undergo four subsequent back surgeries. "It was really hard feeling different and being bullied and peer pressured. I grew up always being the ugly duckling," Brandi says.

An admitted fast food addict, Brandi's resume of wins stretches even beyond the Miss America Organization. "I've been the winner of a pie-eating contest, and I've even eaten a live worm."

"I wanted to be on Oprah's Big Give to show America that a young person can give back," Brandi says. "Volunteering has always been a way of life for me, and I believe that it's everyone's obligation. A lot of people wait until they are older or have money, but there are so many small ways that you can give, which really adds up to a big give."

Brandi's Favorite…

Giving Back Moment: I was a mentor to two brothers for two years. I spent pretty much every weekend with them. Seeing the changes that I helped develop in them was really rewarding, from something as simple as helping the older one with his basketball skills or the younger one with school. It became a really great friendship.

Food: Fried chicken and mashed potatoes

Movie: The Notebook

Type of Music/Artist: I always say I dance to anything—from country to pop to hip-hop.

Dessert: Gelato

Time of Day: I'm a morning person.

Indulgence: I'm such a food person. I love trying out new restaurants.

Vacation: When my dad took me to Holland for the tulip festival on my 12th birthday

Memory: Pick-up basketball games with my dad, sister and little brother or making cookies with my mom

Snack: Candy

Weekend Activity: I enjoy going to church on Sundays and spending time with my sister and my nephew, Max.


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