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Cameron Johnson
As a teenager, Cameron Johnson was already a self-made millionaire. "I always find a way to make something work instead of accepting that it can't be done," he says.

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Cameron credits his success to never hearing the word no . At 9 years old, he had started his first business—a printing company that produced greeting cards and stationery for family and friends. By 17, his net worth had reached $1 million. The Roanoke, Virginia, native has since started 12 profitable dot-com companies, written a book and consulted for Fortune 500 companies—all by the age of 22.

Outside of the office, Cameron travels to college campuses and uses his business savvy to empower students. "I try to encourage people to call their own shots and succeed on their own terms in life," he says. Cameron is also on the board of a statewide organization in Virginia that helps at-risk students stay in school. In his spare time, he can be found hanging out with friends, going to concerts and rooting for his favorite college football team, Virginia Tech.

"Who wouldn't want to be involved in a show that's about giving?" Cameron says. "As a young entrepreneur, I've been giving since I was 10 years old, and this was an opportunity to continue that on a much larger scale."

Cameron's Favorite…

Giving Back Moment: Two years ago, I had four front-row tickets to a Justin Timberlake concert, and I was going to put them on eBay to sell them. A lady called me because her daughter was coming back from Iraq and she wanted to surprise her with these tickets. She told me that she could only pay a certain amount, and I just gave her the tickets and then we drove them to her house. It was something that was simple for me to do. I could have sold them, but I also had the power to give them to someone, and that was more rewarding then selling them for any amount of money.

Food: Sushi

Movie: The Departed

Type of Music/Artist: All types, including country and R&B

Dessert: Cheesecake

Time of Day: Waking up knowing I have a full day to do anything

Indulgence: Nice restaurants

Vacation: Maui

Memory: A company in Japan hired me to be an advisory board member when I was 15, and it led to my book, 15-Year-Old CEO . They spent a million dollars promoting me over there. I became somewhat of a media phenomenon. It was surreal.

Snack: An energy bar

Weekend Activity: Relax, sleep and catch a movie with friends